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Join Forces with Fulcrum Creatives to Raise Money on Kiva

“Kiva Trustees source entrepreneurs they believe in and publicly endorse them as borrowers on the Kiva website.”—Kiva.org

On July 21, 2016, Columbus, Ohio, became the latest in a string of Kiva cities that are popping up across the U.S. Kiva, an international nonprofit, provides an online platform to connect microloan borrowers with a network of lenders. In 2015, Fulcrum Creatives became a Kiva Trustee. Kiva Trustees work with entrepreneurs to tap into the power of their shared networks to raise the funds needed for their business.

Fulcrum creates, elevates and sustains brands that positively impact their communities. Our clients include social enterprises, nonprofits and Certified B Corporations (B Corps). As a Kiva Trustee, we hope to help our partners gain access to an alternative source of funding.

A partnership with Fulcrum is lasting, and we will continue to provide support to borrowers through professional networks and services.

We want to work with you.

For more on Kiva, check out Fulcrum Creative’s article “Little Loans Make a Big Difference: Microlending with Kiva.”